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Tips on How to Safely Pull a Baby Tooth

September 14, 2019

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smiling child with a missing tooth

Have you ever wondered how to pull a baby tooth? There’s no need to panic or call up your dentist if you notice that your child has a loose tooth around the age six or seven. While it’s fun to make a game out of a situation that may be scary for someone small, there are certain precautions to take to avoid any complications. Read on to learn how to remove your child’s loose tooth safely to avoid an unexpected visit to the pediatric dentist

4 Tips to Pull a Baby Tooth

Be sure to never pull a temporary tooth too early, because it could impact your child’s jaw development and the way their permanent teeth grow in. Once their tooth is loose and on the verge of falling out, follow these tips and tricks to safely remove it:

  • Tell them to use their tongue to push their tooth back and forth until it comes out.
  • Keep them from poking around their mouth with their hands to prevent harmful oral bacteria from transferring to their mouth.
  • Don’t panic over blood because when a tooth is ready, it won’t bleed much.
  • Have them bite down on gauze to help the blood clot faster. Dampened gauze will keep the material from sticking to their gums.

Knowing When the Tooth is Ready

Having a loose tooth can be uncomfortable or even painful for a child. As a parent, you may have the urge to remove it as soon as they begin complaining about it annoying them to provide them with relief, but that isn’t always the best idea. The first teeth that grow in are usually the first to come out, so if your child has a tooth that is loose because of dental trauma, you’ll want to take them to their children’s dentist before you try anything at home. Also, if a tooth isn’t ready to be removed yet, it’ll most likely still be connected to nerves and cause your child pain when it’s wiggled. Only remove a tooth when it’s ready to prevent future oral health complications.

Taking Care Of Their Growing Pearly Whites

When their permanent teeth begin to grow in, you’ll want to make sure your child has all the tools and knowledge they need to properly care for them. That way, they can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile into adulthood. To set your little one up for success while their mouth is still developing, be sure to have them:

  • Brush their teeth using fluoride toothpaste at least twice each day.
  • Floss underneath any additional loose teeth to remove bacteria that has built up there.
  • Keep an eye on habits like thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s oral habits, don’t hesitate to ask their pediatric dentist when you take them for their semi-annual checkups and cleanings. They can alert you to any potential issues and help treat them before they become serious. Your little one will thank you when they get older!

About the Practice

At The Dentists at Orenco for Kids, we offer the knowledge and expertise of three pediatric dentists. Each of them is dedicated to providing high-quality preventive care to growing smiles, including teaching them how to properly care for their pearly whites. Our three pediatric dentists have also undergone rigorous testing and additional training to become certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. For questions or to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning for your child, visit our website or call 503-640-6565.

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