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6 Tips for Making Dental Care Fun for Your Kids

May 15, 2023

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family smiling while brushing teeth together

Teaching your child about the importance of caring for their smile can feel tricky at times. If your child is resistant to brushing and flossing their pearly whites, don’t worry! There are ways that you can make it more engaging for them. To help you and your little one care for their smile, keep reading to learn about six fun and effective tips to make oral hygiene an enjoyable experience for them.

#1: A Dental Care Playlist

Turn your child’s brushing routine into a musical adventure! Encourage them to enjoy brushing their teeth by playing their favorite upbeat songs. Select tracks that last about two minutes, the recommended brushing time, to make it a fun and engaging experience. Watch as your child grooves to the beat while keeping their smile sparkling clean.

#2: Kid-Friendly Flossers

Make flossing a pain-free and enjoyable experience for your child! Introduce them to child-friendly flossers like GumChucks, which come with exciting trading cards, character designs, and other fun items. These special flossers will entice your child to floss regularly and make it a playful part of their dental hygiene routine.

#3: Let Them Pick Their Toothbrush

Make oral hygiene exciting for your child by involving them in the toothbrush selection process! Take them to a grocery or drug store and let them choose their own toothbrush. Encourage them to pick one with vibrant colors and their favorite characters to make brushing a fun and personalized experience.

#4: Get Fun Flavors of Toothpaste

To make tooth brushing more enjoyable for your child, explore the variety of toothpaste flavors available. Beyond traditional mint, you can find exciting options like strawberry, bubble gum, and watermelon. Just make sure the toothpaste you choose has the ADA Seal of Approval or is recommended by your child’s dentist to ensure both great taste and effective oral care.

#5: Make Oral Hygiene a Family Event

Setting a positive example is crucial when it comes to teaching children good oral hygiene habits. Children learn by observing and imitating their parents, so make sure to use positive language when talking about brushing and flossing.

Show them the importance of oral care by brushing and flossing alongside them, demonstrating the proper techniques. By leading by example, you can encourage your child to develop healthy dental habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

#6: Develop a Reward System

If your child needs an extra boost of motivation, using incentives can be an effective strategy. Create a chart to track their consistency in brushing and flossing, and include pictures of the rewards they will receive for maintaining good oral hygiene.

This visual representation will help them stay focused and associate positive outcomes with their dental care routine. By offering incentives, you can encourage your child to develop a habit of consistent and thorough oral hygiene.

About the Practice

The Orenco for Kids Dental Practice in Hillsboro is a trusted dental provider for children, offering a wide range of services to promote oral health. Their offerings include routine checkups, fluoride treatments, and mouthguards to protect your child’s teeth during sports activities. The team of experienced dentists at Orenco for Kids is dedicated to creating healthy and happy smiles for children. To learn more about their comprehensive dental care services for children or to schedule an appointment, visit The Dentists at Orenco for Kids’ website or call their office at (503) 640-6565.

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