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How to Welcome Your Child’s Two-Year Molars Without Losing Your Mind

January 12, 2024

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Your child getting their baby teeth is a wonderful thing, but the process isn’t always pleasant. The two-year molars, also known as the second molars, are the last of the primary teeth to emerge and they can cause the child distress as they come in. In fact, the two-year molars receive much of the blame for the so-called “terrible twos.” Here’s how to tell if your child’s two-year molars are erupting, a few tips to help manage their pain, and how to know if your child needs help from a dental professional.

When Do the Two-Year Molars Come In?

The two-year molars usually begin to erupt between the twentieth and the thirty-third months. These teeth are positioned behind the canine teeth, and they may emerge one at a time or all at once. A child whose two-year molars are emerging may exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Redness and soreness in the gum tissue around where the molar is erupting.
  • Drooling
  • Gnawing on found objects
  • Sleep interruptions

Parents also frequently pick up on a change in their child’s moods when their molars are coming in. This can be an uncomfortable or even painful stage in the child’s development, and a happy, easy baby may become sullen and irritable as a result.

How Can I Help My Child Be Comfortable?

While medication should be saved as a last resort when treating the pain of emerging two-year molars, there are many other remedies that can be effective at soothing your child. Try popping a wet washcloth in the freezer and giving it to your child to chew. You might also try placing a bit of cool, wet gauze upon their gums or rubbing them with a cold spoon. Another trick is to use a clean finger to massage the gums. Hard, crunchy, healthy foods like apples, carrots, or cucumbers can also help massage and soothe your child’s sore tissues.

While dealing with the emergence of your child’s two-year molars can be a challenging time, it’s only temporary and quite manageable. By keeping these tips in mind, you can help your child make it through this stressful process so they can have a beautiful smile as they grow up.

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Dentists at Orenco for Kids delivers the best pediatric dental care available in Hillsboro, OR. Led by Drs. Andrea Beltzner and Michael C. Royse, the staff ensures each patient receives effective treatment in a fun and kid-friendly environment. Areas of expertise include pediatric general, restorative, and emergency dentistry. For more tips on handling the emergence of your child’s two-year molars, contact the office online or dial (503) 640-6565.

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