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Fortifying with Fluoride: Is It Safe for Children?

March 4, 2024

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When you’re the guardian of a child, you’re responsible for their mental, emotional, and physical development which includes their teeth. As such, you probably already know there are some dental pitfalls you need to watch out for that could lead to cavities, like consuming too many sugary snacks or fruit juices.

Fortunately, you can also prevent problems using fluoride which can strengthen their enamel to reduce the risk of cavities. This naturally occurring mineral is often introduced into public water sources for this purpose, but is it truly safe for consumption? If you’re concerned that your little one has been overly exposed or whether it can harm them, keep reading to learn why you can set your mind at ease!

What is Fluoride?

This element is released from rocks into surrounding soil, water, and air. All water contains traces of it, but not always in the right amounts to rebuild enamel and prevent dental problems. There’s a possibility that your tap water has been fortified with this compound to prevent widespread tooth decay. It preserves your family’s smiles by remineralizing the protective outer layer of your teeth. As a result, you’re better able to resist acid damage from the foods you eat and the unhealthy bacteria in your mouths.

Your pediatric dentist can also provide fluoride treatments like foams, varnishes, or gels that contain higher concentrations to help your child’s teeth stay strong.  

Is Fluoride Safe for Children?

If you’re worried that your kid(s) may be overly exposed to fluoride because of their drinking water, you’re not alone. It’s normal to wonder whether this chemical has negative side effects that influence their brain, body, or behaviors.

However, a scientific study in 2022 compared the executive function and emotional development of children who consumed fluoridated water to those who drank water without it. They found that the children had equivalent scores to the various measurements meaning that there was no negative change for those consuming treated water.  

Does My Child Need Fluoridated Toothpaste?

If you know that your little one has access to water that’s doctored with this ingredient, you might then wonder whether your child will be overly exposed if you’re also using fluoridated toothpaste. Thankfully, the amount that’s included in drinking water is enough to be helpful when sipped throughout the day but not large enough to be dangerous when combined with fortified products. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommend fluoridated toothpaste for babies, toddlers, and children.

Now that you understand more about fluoride and how it can help your family’s dental health, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not putting your kid’s smile at risk!

About the Practice

At The Dentists at Orenco for Kids, two board-certified pediatric experts provide a full range of dental services to help children build and maintain healthy mouths, including fluoride treatments. They understand the challenges that come with caring for still-developing teeth and will do everything they can to help keep your little one happy and calm throughout your visit. Then, they combine their compassionate approach with advanced dental technology to prevent or address problems and promote healthy life-long dental hygiene habits. If your child has developed a cavity, you’re welcome to request an appointment on the website or by calling (503) 640-6565.

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